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Black Batts and Black Rolls

When it comes to insulation for your home, office or factory, AAAK Group Pty Ltd is the smart choice. We offer a range of environmentally sustainable products that can help you improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Living in an uninsulated house can not only be uncomfortable, but you’re also likely to waste a fair bit of money on cooling and heating. And as using electricity and burning gas produces greenhouse gases, you’re not doing the environment a big favour either.

Up to 40% of winter heat losses and summer heat gains occur through the ceiling. Insulating it is one of the best investments you can make, potentially reducing your energy bills, and with the Federal Governments new rebate system there has never been a better time to get ceiling insulation fitted into your home.

We are a leading company in supplying certified insulation. We supply in large quantities Black Batts and Black Rolls Australia wide at competitive prices. Our batts and rolls are certified with Australian Standards Requirements (AS/NZS 4859.1.2002) and our friendly staff will carry out the installation according to AS 3999 (Australian Standard for the installation of thermal materials). Every job is inspected to ensure you’re getting the highest quality install service in the industry. From measure and quote to supply and install, we will manage the job for you, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Essentially, when the job is complete, you will have a house that is energy efficient and be in possession of all necessary documentation and paperwork to ensure your rebate is a quick and straight forward process. In most cases, we will recommend either glasswool or polyester batts to insulate your roof. An appropriate 'R' rating will not only protect your home from the cold and heat, but will also ensure your home conforms to the Federal Governments rebate scheme, meaning you will be eligible for the full energy rebate. The right product will also give added protection in case of a fire.


solar panels

Today, people are swiching to solar power because it is safe and reliable. It keeps the environment clean. Also, because solar power is absolutely free, it helps to cut your energy costs. People are becoming more energy conscious because of the rising cost of electricity and gas. The cost of heating water for domestic use represents up to 30% of the energy bill monthly.

Modern Solar photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity via solar panel arrays mounted on the roof. They work any time the sun is shining, helping to reduce electricity bills, greenhouse gas emissions and assisting each household's contribution to reducing climate change. Excess solar electricity from your solar panel can be fed back into the grid which effectively makes your electricity meter run backwards and saves you money. Many states have "feed in tariffs" which pay you multiple credits for each unit of electricity fed into the grid from your solar system.

These solar panels are made of super efficient solar cells and conforming to international quality standards, performance and reliability is never compromised.

The string is laminated between sheets of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) encapsulation and framed with a corrosion-resistant heavy duty anodized aluminium frame with multiple mounting holes for easier installation.

Our solar panels are fully tested and suitable for use as grid-connected as well as stand-alone system.

Major PV Applications:


solar hot water system

Water heating accounts for about 30 percent of an average household's total greenhouse gas emissions and about the same proportion of total household energy use. By installing a solar water heater, you can greatly reduce your energy bills, as it will use energy from the sun to heat water at zero cost.

solar hot water system

Using solar energy to heat water produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. A solar water heater can provide between 50 percent and 90 percent of your total hot water requirements, depending on the climate and the model of heater. The upfront cost of a solar water heater (including installation) is higher than electric or gas water heaters but the energy bill savings will compensate for this over time (an average of about 5 years). A solar hot water system is a great long-term investment that has a guaranteed return and will provide you with hot water generated free by the sun.

Federal Hot Water Rebate
The Australian Federal Government is helping Australian households install climate friendly water heaters. A non-means tested rebate of $1600 is available in eligible circumstances to install a solar hot water system ($1000 if heat pump installed) to replace an electric storage hot water system in an existing privately owned home. A $1000 rebate is available to install a heat pump water heater in the same circumstances.

The rebate is offered for systems installed on, or after 3rd February 2009 until June 2012, subject to the availability of funds.

A solar hot water system provides the following benefits: